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Logo Creative Brief

Client Creative Brief

This creative brief will help you focus your thoughts and imagination in regards to the art you would like to see from us. We want to provide you with the best possible logo that will communicate the personality and heart behind your business, organization, brand, or event. The more information you can share during this process, the better chance we can hit a home run for you once we start designing. You should know that this is a lengthy form that asks some questions that you may have never thought of. Don't give up! It will be worth it when we are able to reveal a brand new logo for your brand!

Generic Info
We need to know a little about you and how to get in touch with you
Name *
If you have a current website for your business/brand, it will give us a glance of what you already are doing in the way of design.
Address *
Phone *
Project Guidlines
Basic details about the project that will help us with pricing
Feel free to use a broad estimate
Projected Start Date *
Projected Start Date
Projected Due Date *
Projected Due Date
Rapid Turnaround
Do you need this project completed inside of two weeks? We'll need to connect immediately to discuss price and timing.
It's Design Time!
How do you want to the logo to read? ie 'Sandlapper Design Co'
If you have a tag line that you would like incorporated into the logo, share that here.
Do you need help creating a tag line? *
We want to know what you are all about. Take this space to tell us who you are, what you do, what makes you unique, and why you do what you do. The more detail you provide, the easier it will be to design something that is meaningful to you.
If you were to sum up everything that your business does and is about into just 5 words, what would they be?
List out your target audience/demographic. Who is this logo meant to reach? Is there a regional connection? ie 25-45 y/o men/dads or 15-19 y/o teens in urban Atlanta
Are you unique or one of many? *
Does this logo need to separate you from other options in your marketplace? Is there anyone else doing what you're doing? Ministries can write NA or share a few other local ministries for comparison's sake.
If you can, share a few names and websites of who you would consider to be competitors. Ministries can write NA, or share a few similar sized ministries in the area.
This will help us determine the scope of the project.
Location *
Are you operating out of your house or in a suite downtown? Help us get a better feel for where you work.
Where do you anticipate using the logo? *
We need to know where you plan to use the logo, as this determines how flexible and adaptable the design needs to be.
You may have been thinking about your logo for a while now. What are you thinking about? Do you have certain colors, shapes, or designs that you would like to see incorporated? Are there any non-negotiables? Are there any logos out there that you like and feel like could be an inspiration toward what you are wanting?